What is the Real Meaning of Heart n Arrow Diamond?

Many people have observed Hearts & Arrows diamonds and lots of have heard of the idea of, but many people don’t quite determine what “Hearts & Arrows” means. Hearts & Arrows is usually a term that specifically is the term for a type of round brilliant diamond cut which had been discovered from the Japanese from the late 1980s. This special cut creates an overlap of facets that, when placed on a perfectly structured diamond, creates beautifully symmetrical patters of hearts and arrows. The effect is paying homage to a kaleidoscope pattern to use circular symmetry and sparkling brilliance.

It was from the ’70s and ’80s that this Japanese began taking care of new technologies in diamond cutting. To assist them to evaluate the quality of diamond cuts, they created special view-scope which called the FireScope. When viewing an engagement ring through the scope one surely could determine the hearth, or optical performance, on the diamond.

About a decade later, master diamond expert Takanori Tamura noticed a unique pattern purchasing at one diamond through is FireScope: a pattern of 8 symmetrical hearts and 8 symmetrical arrows. He then began seeking this pattern in other diamonds, but he learned that only a smaller percentage of diamonds showed the special hearts and arrows pattern. After numerous years of researching and experimenting, Takanori Tamura found that only perfectly symmetrical diamonds with a precise overlap of facets and an exclusive cut caused the pattern to appear within the FireScope. It was back in 1984 that Tamura commissioned cutter Koichi Higuchi to cut diamond jewelry with the highest possible light return that boasted an eight-arrowed pattern. This will be the predecessor on the Hearts & Arrows Diamond.

Soon enough, a different Hearts and Arrows viewer got its start. This new scope allowed anyone to analyze not just the optical performance from the diamond, but also the cut, symmetry, and alignment of facets inside pavilion (bottom) and crown (top) of diamond jewelry. Not long after, the initial, perfectly proportioned Hearts & Arrows diamond was cut in Japan. It didn’t require much time for Hearts & Arrows cuts to reach in America. They immediately grew in popularity and spurred developments in precision diamond-cutting technologies.

Today, Hearts & Arrows diamonds will still be extremely popular. They are thought by many being the most beautiful and quite a few valuable of most diamond cuts. Due towards the complexity from the cut, Hearts and Arrows Diamonds can also be typically more pricey. Only one of the most experienced master cutters can easily create the Hearts & Arrows diamond. The cut requires most notably, a top-notch rough diamond, next, extraordinary precision and patience, and ultimately, a willingness to sacrifice lots of expensive rough diamond. Only about 1 tenth of 1% coming from all diamonds can be used as true Hearts & Arrows cuts, due towards the symmetry instructed to achieve the proper Hearts & Arrows effect. Moreover, a notable amount with the rough diamond have to be shaved off in order to slice the stone accurately. When cutting a Hearts & Arrows diamond, all facets in the stone has to be perfectly proportional healthy and size and in some case,s the slightest slip will damage the pattern. However, as soon as the cutting process is fully gone, the resulting Hearts & Arrows diamond is usually a breathtaking sight to behold.

Now, there may be still some controversy regarding the definition of “Hearts & Arrows”. There is certainly no standardized industry criterion for categorizing Hearts & Arrows diamonds. Many excellent-cut or ideal-cut round brilliants do exhibit some sort of your hearts and arrows pattern. However, these patterns could be incomplete or imperfect. Should these diamonds be known as Hearts & Arrows? Also, the effect of perfect symmetry within a properly cut diamond is that it can do reflecting 98% with the light which can hit it. This doesn’t happen to all Hearts & Arrows Diamonds. Usually, greater brilliant the diamond, the harder valuable it can be considered to become. It is extremely rare to locate a Hearts and Arrows diamond boasting a 98% light reflection level. Should the finest Hearts & Arrows diamonds be allowed to carry the label “Hearts and Arrows Diamond”? Well, it’s apparently been left for your marketers and retailers to make a decision. So take care. Not all super ideal cut diamonds display the hearts and arrows pattern, and some from the most superior ideal and super ideal cut diamonds usually are not Hearts & Arrows diamonds.

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